Custom Keychain


Custom Keychain with Selected Beads - Made in Original Paracord 550 USA and Russian Hand-Crafted Beads.


Now you can get your favorite bead as a stylish accessory. Keychain made in original paracord 550 can be used with key fob, knifes, backpacks, flashlights, and other edc gears. In addition, you can choose the color for the lanyard. 

How to make order?
1. Choose paracord color.
2. Choose bead.

Keychain Size:
- Height: 7sm (without ring);
- Weight without bead: 5gr (0,17").

If you want keychain with another bead from our shop.

1. Select last "bead" position.

2. Add to order bead you want to on keychain

3. Add to note which one bead you select (if you order more than one bead)

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