Set "Hellboy" bead + "Fist of Hellboy"


+1 meter(3,2ft) original paracord 550(for lanyard) for free!

Set "Hellboy" bead + "Fist of Hellboy" tips - profitable set of beads for paracord lanyard, keychains, diy things.

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"Hellboy bead" 

Material: brass(cigar) + bronze(head) + silver(horns) 
Bead hole: 6mm;
Height: 19mm (0.74")/Width: 19mm (0.74")/Depth: 15mm (0.59"). 
Weight: 17 gramme (0,59 oz).

"Fist of Hellboy"

Material: bronze
Bead hole: 4mm; (perfect with 550 paracord)
Size: 20 mm(0,78")
Weight: 6 gramme (0,21 oz).

To better attach the tip, burn the end of the paracord, and then screw it into the tip.

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